Our Team


Louise Caicco Tett, MPH, CRSP, RN, President - Occupational Health Consultant

Louise is a Registered Nurse with a degree from the University of Western Ontario. She has a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and holds her Canadian Registered Safety Professional Designation. Louise also has her Master's in Public Health (Occupational Health and Safety Management) from Tulane University's Department of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

Louise has worked with Health Care, Industrial, and Construction sectors as an Occupational Health Consultant and has 25 years of facilitation and training experience. She has assisted many businesses in the development and, subsequent implementation of occupational health and safety systems in their workplaces. Louise has been a valuable member of several audit teams, also serving as a lead auditor. 

Ms. Caicco Tett also specializes in developing and delivering customized training programs for her customers. Louise has written, designed and delivered HSPI's Basic Certification Training package to the Chief Prevention Officer's standards. 

Louise is also a co-investigator for violence and harassment complaints. Her nursing background and in-depth understanding of the violence and harassment legislation in Ontario enables her to complete these investigations and reports.




Sandy Mayers Ibbitson - Health, Safety and Training Specialist

North Channel Safety Management

Sandy and her company North Channel Safety Management (NCSM) is a partner with HSPI. Sandy has been developing and leading classes for and with Louise for many years. Sandy got her start in adult teaching and learning principles from the Worker Centre in the early 80s, and has never looked back. She completed her Teacher of Adult certificate at Sault College. As a speaker at a health and safety conference, Sandy fills the room.

Sandy is a 30 year Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, with a personal commitment to injury prevention, and has taught numerous health and safety courses over her career. Sandy’s background has been in safety training and consulting and has worked with municipalities, industrial establishments, mines, and construction.  

Sandy’s knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act is second to none. She remembers details like no one we know. Her talent is in being able to interpret that detail and convey it to class participants in a fun, engaging, and yet serious manner. She is always on top of the latest changes, and keeps us all informed of sometimes very small interpretations that we might miss.

HSPI has a vault full of positive evaluations, things like “best instructor I ever had”, “didn’t know health and safety could be so much fun”, “I thought this was going to be boring—was I wrong!”, “Sandy’s the best”, and “I’ll come back again if Sandy is teaching”.  Our all time favourite comment is “Sandy is a 6th degree black belt in soft skills which makes her an excellent trainer.” We all agree!


Frieda Schnablegger, Executive Assistant

Frieda provides executive support services to Health & Safety Professionals Inc. and has over 30 years experience as an executive secretary in the financial service sector, and as a legal secretary. Frieda started her professional career as an elementary school teacher. When you call our office, Frieda will field your questions with courtesy, care, and consideration, to ensure your total satisfaction.



Rose Caicco - PHD

Rose is a Human Resources Consultant with her Ph.D. and Masters Degrees from Michigan State University where she received several awards and scholarships in recognition of her achievements. Areas of concentration included adult education, human resources, and management of change in organizations. Rose’s work experience spans almost 30 years as an educator. In addition, she has served as Dean of Business & Hospitality, as well as an Adult Education Consultant.

Rose has facilitated training in how to deal with the Challenge of Change with several corporate clients. Other initiatives include Organizational Effectiveness, Positive Communications, Time Management, Personality Style Indicators, Train the Trainer and the DiSC Profile System (Dimensions of Behaviour).   

Rose is also a co-investigator for violence and harassment complaints. Her legal background, extensive experience, attention to detail, and understanding of people, makes her an excellent investigator.

Rose has been consulting with Health & Safety Professionals Inc. for the past fifteen years.


Norma Gardner - CMP - Project and Change Management Consultant

Norma Gardner has developed project management courses, training materials and presentations specific to project and portfolio management in a corporate environment and has delivered project management training as part of a certification program. She has presented at various Project Management conferences including Project World/Business Analyst World and Federated Press Strategic Project Management Workshops and was invited to participate in PMI's (Project Management Institute) Portfolio Manager Role Delineation Study.

She has led Information Technology and business projects and programs of medium to large scope at large private and public sector organizations and has mentored Project Managers. In her role as Director of the Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO), Norma developed corporate-wide methodology and created and facilitated governance structures related to the portfolio of projects, while advancing project management as a key strategic discipline. In her current role as Director, Transformation, Norma is responsible for supporting and managing components of Modernization, leveraging Project Management principles and change management concepts to guide people and processes through large-scale change. Norma also acts as a Change Lead, assisting groups and individuals with the dynamics of uncertainty and change in a fast-paced business environment. As Managing Partner of Gardner Consulting, she has provided ongoing advice to local private sector organizations and assisted them in adapting basic project management concepts to their small business environment.

Debbie Rouleau

Debbie Rouleau

Debbie Rouleau is HSPI’s Training Coordinator. She had a long career in the hydro-electric power business, in various positions, and retired after spending her last 12 years in the Health, Safety, Security and Environment department.

Debbie gained a lot of knowledge about Health and Safety throughout her career, was involved in training, contractor management, auditing and safety management systems.

Debbie loves to travel, spend time with her family (including two adorable grandkids), and sing with her choir.

HSPI is so pleased that Debbie came out of retirement to assist them with coordinating training with clients, and other special projects. She can be reached by email at training@hspinc.ca  

Giridharan Venkatapathy

Giridharan Venkatapathy

Giridharan is a Software Developer at HSPI. Working at HSPI has given him tremendous opportunities in developing useful mobile applications to help maintain safety measures in the workplace.

Being involved in Sault Ste. Marie's best health and safety training company has taught him a great deal about workplace safety systems and understanding different occupational hazards.

The learning opportunities at HSPI have been an endless cycle to furthering his understanding of Canadian businesses and the workforce environment. He is really thankful for working at HSPI as it has kickstarted his career and given him the work ethic needed in the future.

Giridharan Venkatapathy

Joel D'Souza - Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Joel is responsible for communicating and promoting HSPI's courses and services online. He manages and creates all our social media content, website updates, and supports the team with the ongoing digitization of the company. He continues to learn on the job and gain a deeper understanding about digital marketing.

He can be reached by email at jdsouza@hspinc.ca