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Online Distance Learning

Our experienced facilitators will help you apply your
knowledge to your workplace and make it relevant to you.

Become a certified member of your workplace’s Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC)

Step into the world of Health & Safety Professionals Inc. (HSPI)’s Online Distance Learning! Our mission is to equip you with comprehensive training solutions that enable you to impact workplace health and safety.

Immerse yourself in interactive and engaging courses led by experienced facilitators who will help you apply your knowledge directly to your work environment. Meet other workers and managers from around Ontario, Canada, who can support you in your learning as we break you into groups using our many case studies. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this educational journey!

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JHSC Part One Training:
Joint Health and Safety Committee

Join HSPI’s JHSC Part One training to
become a certified member of your
workplace’s Joint Health and Safety
Committee in Ontario, Canada.
This three-day course is designed to
provide essential knowledge that is
applicable across all workplaces,
fostering a shared understanding of
health and safety principles.

Duration: Three Days
Price: $495 plus HST
Group Price 4 or more?
Email HSPI for bulk price:

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JHSC Part Two Training:
Joint Health and Safety Committee

Advance your certification journey
with HSPI’s JHSC Part Two training.
This course takes you to the next level
of becoming a fully certified Joint Health
and Safety Committee member.
At Health & Safety Professionals Inc.,
we offer this course in a unique and
interactive format, ensuring an
engaging learning experience.

Duration: Two or Three Days
Price: $425 plus HST or $630 plus HST
Group Price 4 or more?
Email HSPI for bulk price:

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JHSC Refresher Training:
Joint Health and Safety Committee

Maintain your Joint Health and Safety
Committee (JHSC) certification by
attending our engaging JHSC Refresher
training. Required within three years
of becoming a certified member and
every three years thereafter,
this one-day course updates your
knowledge and skills, keeping you
up-to-date with the latest H&S practices.

Duration: One Day
Price: $255 plus HST
Group Price 4 or more?
Email HSPI for bulk pricing:


Occupational Health and Safety Supervisor Training

Equip your supervisors and managers with the necessary skills to meet their legal obligations as competent persons. HSPI’s interactive two-day distance learning focuses on appointing competent supervisors in Ontario, ensuring compliance and effective occupational health and safety leadership.

Duration: Two Days
Price: $519 plus HST
Group Price (4 or more): Email

Violence and Harassment Plus Harassment Investigation

In HSPI’s Violence and Harassment training, applicable to both Ontario and Federal workplaces, HSPI delves into risk assessments, policies, programs, and effective investigation of harassment complaints through this distance learning program. Gain the knowledge and tools to create a safe and respectful work environment in Ontario.

Duration: One Day
Price: $325 plus HST
Group Price (4 or more): Email


Enhance your teaching skills with HSPI’s Train-the-Trainer course based on Ontario’s legislation. This distance learning is designed for anyone who wants to improve their instructional abilities; HSPI’s program offers small class sizes and dedicated time for each participant to conduct their own mini-lesson, ensuring a hands-on learning experience.

Duration: Two Days
Price: $519 plus HST
Group Price (4 or more): Email

Incident Investigation

HSPI’s Incident Investigation training provides valuable insights for individuals involved in incident investigations. By registering for this distance learning program, you can focus on the importance of systemic investigations and develop the ability to identify multiple causes of incidents, including near misses. Strengthen your incident investigation skills to prevent future occurrences.

Duration: One Day
Price: $325 plus HST
Group Price (4 or more): Email


HSPI’s half-day De-Escalation course is designed for those who work with or support members of the public. Learn effective techniques to defuse tense situations and promote a safe environment through this distance learning program. These de-escalation skills can also be applied to interactions with coworkers, fostering a harmonious workplace in Canada.

Duration: Half Day
Price: $185 plus HST
Group Price (4 or more): Email

Ronald YoungRonald Young
02:35 11 Dec 23
From start to finish I enjoyed the process for getting recertification for health and safety through these guys. I know that's something most may not say as it is something a lot of people dread but right from when I registered i was quickly contacted by Joel. He was friendly and very helpful...even managed to help me reschedule. He got me all the info and enrolled me in a government certified class. Matthew was our instructor and he kept the class moving along well and had a great take on what would normally be dry material. Broke us into groups periodically and gave us challenging questions to build our knowledge base and help us to succeed moving forward. I highly recommend this company for training whether it be your first time or recertification!
Sue GeickSue Geick
20:28 30 Nov 23
I completed JHSC training part 1&2 virtually and it was fantastic! Louise was very knowledgeable, gave clear, concise and relevant examples. Joel was great to correspond with in regards to getting setup for training. Very professional! I would highly recommend training through Health & Safety Professionals Inc.
Holly WHolly W
20:53 29 Nov 23
Thorough and interactive training to keep you engaged the entire time. I would highly recommend if you need to get certified for joint health and safety.
Rhonda WoodRhonda Wood
13:08 07 Nov 23
I took the JHSC refresher course, virtually. A great way to learn. The instructor was very informative, we had great discussions. There were two points that came up that needed clarifying and he did not hesitate to get answers from another person. Well done!
Colten TourignyColten Tourigny
12:52 26 Jun 23
Louise and her team did an outstanding job!The delivery was not rushed, very informative and not overwhelming whatsoever.She covered all topics and followed the MLTSD requirements.As a trainer in Safety, I can 100% say I was very impressed with the knowledge of all topics, engagement with the students and effective delivery.Great job and I will happily participate in future classes with HSPI.
Kelly AngerKelly Anger
18:31 07 Apr 22
Highly recommended. Excellent instruction, course and reference materials. The Instructor utilized a variety of online instruction techniques to keep adult learners engaged.
Hybrid UtilitiesHybrid Utilities
21:03 24 Feb 22
Just finished my JHSC Refresher training online with Louise at Health & Safety Professional Inc. She was not only very knowledgeable but she spent the time to make sure everyone had a full understanding, answered questions, & engaged the whole group throughout the training. To capture a group's attention from all different areas of work for a whole day of online safety training is not an easy feat- Louise managed it no problem. Highly recommend!
Pauline DawsonPauline Dawson
17:59 30 Nov 21
A great interactive presentation over Zoom.
Hailee Haydenhailee hayden
16:52 19 Feb 21
I had a really good experience with the JHSC training in hspinc for myself and my colleagues. I did the course online, it was extremely informative and worth the time doing the course online.The course material was in-depth and and clearly written. The staff are friendly, and highly experienced. Thank you hspinc, We will continue to train with you for all our businesses.

Distance Learning – Customized Workplace Training

Experience the power of tailored workplace training at Health & Safety Professionals Inc. (HSPI), Ontario, Canada. Each HSPI training course can be customized to cater to your organization’s unique needs. HSPI takes pride in designing courses that align with your requirements, ensuring maximum relevance and impact. Choose the option that suits you best: HSPI can design the course and train your selected workers, managers, or trainers to deliver it, or we can handle the training for you.
HSPI’s customers trust us to develop courses that reflect their needs, utilizing your photographs, sharing your stories, and constructing case studies based on your real-life experiences. This personalized approach is one of the most fulfilling aspects of our work as we collaborate with you to create truly meaningful and impactful training solutions.