Joint Health & Safety Committee Part One


Duration: Two Days
Price: $400.00 plus HST

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Welcome to the JHSC Part One eLearning course, a comprehensive training program designed to accommodate diverse learning preferences. Our course offers a dynamic and interactive learning experience that allows individuals to progress through the material at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. With the inclusion of engaging scenarios, real-world case studies, and regular knowledge assessments within the course modules. We have created an environment that actively supports your learning journey.

This eLearning program serves as the foundational component of the training required for members of a workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) in Ontario. When successfully completed in conjunction with JHSC Certification Part Two, it leads to official certification in accordance with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development (MLITSD) guidelines. We’re proud to offer a course that is not only versatile but also universally applicable across all industry sectors.

Health & Safety Professionals Inc. (HSPI), Ontario, is your trusted training provider, authorized and approved by Ontario’s Chief Prevention Office (CPO) to deliver the JHSC Certification training program.

Who should enroll in the JHSC Part 1 certification course?

  • Shift workers: This JHSC part 1 course suits individuals with varying schedules, like shift workers, allowing flexibility in learning.

  • Self-paced learners: If you prefer learning at your own speed, this JHSC part one elearning course caters to your style, offering flexibility.
  • Segmented learning: Designed for those who prefer breaking learning into smaller parts, accommodating step-by-step progress.
  • Workplaces with 20+ employees: Vital for workplaces with 20 or more employees in Ontario, as regulations mandate at least two certified JHSC members.
  • All workers: Open to all, including JHSC members, supervisors, managers, and any stakeholders interested in enhancing health and safety knowledge.
  • No prior experience needed: Emphasizing that prior health and safety experience isn’t required, making this course accessible to all.
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What topics will be covered under JHSC part one certification?

  • Instructional Modules: 13 modules, approximately 12 hours in total.

  • Final Evaluation Module: 1 module, approximately 1 hour.

  • Completion Requirement: Learners must complete all 13 eLearning modules before the final evaluation.

  • Total Learning Time: Approximately 13 hours for all modules and the evaluation.

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The JHSC Part One eLearning program is thoughtfully structured into 13 comprehensive modules:

  • Introduction to JHSC Certification Training: An overview of the JHSC certification process and its significance.
  • The Importance of Occupational Health and Safety: A deep dive into the critical role of occupational health and safety within workplaces.
  • Key Workplace Parties: Exploration of the various parties involved in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Internal Responsibility System: Understanding the internal framework for managing health and safety.
  • Health and Safety Law: An overview of the legal aspects and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace.
  • Rights, Duties, and Functions of Joint Health and Safety Committees: Detailed coverage of the roles, responsibilities, and functions of Joint Health and Safety Committees.
  • Certified Members: Information on the qualifications and roles of certified committee members.
  • Recognition, Assessment, Control, and Evaluation of Hazard Controls (RACE): An in-depth exploration of hazard recognition, assessment, control, and evaluation processes.
  • Workplace Inspections: Understanding the importance and procedures of workplace inspections.
  • Hazard Assessment: Comprehensive coverage of hazard assessment methods.
  • Hazard Controls and Evaluation of Hazard Controls: Exploring hazard control measures and their effectiveness.
  • Incident Investigation: Detailed guidance on investigating workplace incidents.
  • OHS Resources and Information: Information about available resources and references in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Final Evaluation: The last module assesses your comprehension of the course content and prepares you for certification.

Additional Details

  • Knowledge reinforcement: Each module includes a knowledge check to solidify key concepts and provide learners with valuable feedback.
  • Final evaluation: Upon successfully completing 13 modules of the JHSC part one elearning course, learners gain access to the final evaluation.
  • Passing grade: To earn a certificate and proceed to JHSC Certification Part Two, learners must achieve a passing grade of 75% or higher in JHSC Certification Part One.
  • Guidance and support: Learners falling short of the 75% requirement are encouraged to promptly seek guidance from HSPI (Health & Safety Professional Inc.).
  • One opportunity: It’s crucial to note that learners have one opportunity to complete the final evaluation.
  • Device access: Learners need access to a computer, laptop, or tablet to participate in the course.
  • Internet/WIFI: A reliable internet/WIFI connection is essential to ensure uninterrupted access to course materials and resources.
  • Recommended browser: Google Chrome is recommended for optimal compatibility.
  • Secure access: Access to HSPI’s Learning Management System (LMS) via BIS Trainer requires individual login credentials, ensuring secure and personalized learning.
  • Digital participant manual: Participants receive a digital copy of the eLearning participant manual, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Reference links: Essential links to Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) e-laws and other relevant references are provided to support exploration of health and safety regulations.
  • Digital tools: Various digital tools and resources are available to facilitate the learning process and ensure a comprehensive grasp of the material.
  • Course completion timeframe: Learners are expected to complete the eLearning course within 30 days from the start date, in line with the JHSC Certification Program Standard.
  • Training coordinator: An HSPI training coordinator is available during office hours to address course-related queries.
  • Technical assistance: LMS technical support is readily accessible to assist with any technical concerns encountered during the course.
  • Part Two timeframe: It’s important to plan your learning journey accordingly, as JHSC Part Two must be completed within 12 months of successfully finishing JHSC Certification Part One.
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Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to enhance your knowledge and contribute to a safer workplace. Register now to embark on your JHSC Part One eLearning journey and take the first step toward becoming a certified member of a Joint Health and Safety Committee.