Policy Writing

policyPart of a Workplace Health and Safety Management System is having policies in place that everyone in your organization can follow. They are your rules. Basic health and safety rules will be the same as any other workplace in your jurisdiction because they are based on legislation. Some examples include your corporate health and safety policy, workplace inspections, right to refuse unsafe work, and first aid. They don’t change much from workplace to workplace other than the titles you use and who is assigned to do the work and follow up (supervisor, manager, technician, safety professional). 

You should just be able to download your policies off the internet and change the logo, right? Or buy policies from a company that sells them ready made. Well, it’s not quite that easy. Those policies may be outdated, or from another jurisdiction. They are a great starting point and can help you with wording. We do that too! The difference is that we have the experience and expertise to know very quickly if those policies meet current legal requirements. We’ve written hundreds of policies and can give you suggestions on wording, formatting, and updates. 

We work with you; review what you already have, or draft new policies and get your input. We don’t simply write a policy and walk away. We want to make sure it fits your needs. Do you need simple wording, do you want more formal language? How will you update your policies? We can help you with formatting or we can leave that to you. As with everything else we do, we can support you as little or as much as you need.