JHSC Certification Training Refresher

Duration: One Day
Price: $255 plus HST
Group Price(4 or more): $245 plus HST
Instructor: Louise Caicco Tett




JHSC Refresher training is required within three years of becoming a certified member, and every three years thereafter. HSPI offers an interactive one-day training course.

If you were JHSC Certified under the 1996 Standard, prior to March 2016, you do not need JHSC Refresher training every three years. However, we encourage you and all our customers to take the JHSC Refresher every three years, to stay updated with changes in legislation, standards, and codes of practice.

Workplace health and safety legislation changes a lot in three years. Your JHSC functions best with the latest information. This is an important step towards a safe workplace environment.

Who should take this course?

  • Within three years of completing JHSC Part II training, and every three years after that, you are required to complete a one-day Refresher course.
  • We welcome participants who were certified with another CPO-approved provider. To register you into our Refresher course, you will need to provide us with proof of your certification.
  • If you were certified under the 1996 standard, you are not required to take refresher training. Of course, we welcome you into our Refresher course if you want to stay current.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review key concepts from JHSC Part I and JHSC Part II training.
  • Describe changes or updates to relevant legislation, standards, codes of practice and occupational health and safety best practices.
  • Provide opportunity for learners to share JHSC best practices and to discuss JSHC challenges and potential resolutions.

What topics will be covered?

  • Changes or updates to legislation, standards and codes of practice in the last three years.
  • New advances in occupational health and safety best practices in the last three years.
  • Discussion among participants of how the changes you learn about in the course affect your workplace.

Course Material

You will receive the following materials when taking JHSC Refresher training

  • JHSC Refresher participant workbook
  • OH&S Act and Regulations pocketbook (Green book)

Note: Our instructors will be referring to the OHSA Reference Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees throughout the training. If you would like to purchase HPSI's exclusive OHSA Reference Guide, click here.


  • Our Training coordinator and IT team will be available during the training for support throughout the course.
  • You will need a computer and internet connection to attend the training. We recommend the use of a computer or laptop for a better experience.
  • The course will be delivered using Zoom. Use the test link to make sure you can access Zoom on your device.