Cannabis and the Workplace


cannabisOctober 17, 2018, marked a historic day in Canada. Cannabis is now legal. With the legislative change, comes a minefield of information; both myths and facts. Undoubtedly, this legal change will affect your workplace. What are your duties as an employer or supervisor? What if someone has an authorization for medical cannabis? How do you keep your workers safe? Health & Safety Professionals Inc. is here to help. We will offer regular courses, and update them as research and best practices emerge. We discuss cannabis in our Supervisor course. We are available for onsite training, lunch and learn sessions, and policy and procedure writing. Let us know how we can help.

Our four-hour public course includes the following topics: Legislation; Health Effects of Cannabis; Fitness for Duty; Safety-Sensitive Positions; Creating your Workplace Policy; Accommodation; and Drug Testing. This course is aimed at supervisors and managers but all workers will benefit from the information.

A shorter version of the course can be a part of your staff training or lunch-and-learn sessions. We can adapt any course to fit the needs of your workplace.



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