CPO-Approved Basic Certification Training


In March of 2016, the Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) of the Ministry of Labour (MOL) set new Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training Standards. These standards replace the 1996 standards. There are three courses which make up this standard: Part I, Part II, and Refresher Training. Only providers approved by the CPO can teach Basic Certification. All of our courses are now offered by Distance Learning.

We offer discounts if four or more from your workplace sign up for one of our classes. Ask us about it.

The course evaluation process includes worksheets, classroom questions and answers, small group work, and a final written, multiple choice evaluation (Part I only). 

If you have language, literacy, or accommodation needs, please let us know. We will accommodate. Phone us at 705-254-3752 or email info@hspinc.ca

Please bring government-issued identification (driver's license, heatlh card, passport) with you to the courses, as you will be asked to show it.

When you come back for Part II Training, please bring your OHSA Reference Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees with you. We will be referring to it. 

Basic Certification Training Part I

Part I training takes place over three days and includes occupational health and safety law; rights, duties and responsibilities; hazard recognition, assessment and control, and evaluation of hazard controls. All providers must cover the same topics.

When you take our course, we include our OHSA Reference Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees. It’s a 324-page book full of useful information that you will refer to during the course, and again after you get back to your workplace. You may want to order more for your other committee members, supervisors, or safety and Human Resources people. Let us know. We can have the books ready for you when you come to class!

You must complete Part II training within one year of completing Part I. There are no extensions. 

We are offering our courses via Zoom for the foreseeable future. Click here for our current schedule. 

Basic Certification Training Part II

You are required to learn about a minimum of six hazards which are relevant to your workplace. That means two days of training as a minimum. Health & Safety Professionals Inc. (HSPI) offers nine topics. Training on each hazard focuses on Recognition, Assessment, Control, and Evaluation of hazard controls.

We organize our Part II courses so our construction and industrial clients can take Days One and Two, and our social services, health care, retail, and office clients can take Days Two and Three. We have customers that sign up for all three days.

•    Day One – Confined Spaces, Machine Hazards, Heat and Cold Stress
•    Day Two – Driving Hazards, Slips Trips and Falls, Biological and Chemical Hazards 
•    Day Three – Musculoskeletal Disorders, Violence in the Workplace, Stress and Mental Health

If you would like to rearrange the order in which the courses are offered, we can customize courses for your workplace. We may even be able to add a hazard course for you. That’s part of your Internal Responsibility System. You decide which courses are best for you.

We welcome participants who have completed Part I training with another CPO-approved provider. To register you into our Part II courses, you will need to provide us with proof of training for Part I. You must take Part I before you enroll in Part II.

Our instructors will be referring to the OHSA Reference Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees throughout the training. If you would like to purchase one, please let us know. We will have it ready for you when you join us for Part II training.

We are offering our Part II courses via Zoom for the foreseeable future. Click here for our current schedule. 

Refresher Training

Health & Safety Professionals Inc. is one of only nine providers to be able to offer Refresher Training via Distance Learning. 

On Friday, July 3rd, the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development announced that Ontario's Chief Prevention Officer is extending the time for completion of Refresher Training. If you, someone in your company, or a colleague of yours in Ontario had a Refresher training deadline between February 28 and August 31, 2020, you now have until November 30, 2020, to renew the training. This applies to 8,000 certified members.

You will receive our Participant Workbook plus a 2020 OHSA Act and Regulations (the green book) when you attend our course.

Within three years of completing Part II training, and every three years after that, you are required to complete a one-day Refresher course. In this course, you will review key concepts from Parts I and II, and updates to legislation, standards, codes of practice, and best practices. You will have an opportunity to share successes and challenges, and assist one another to resolve your challenges. 

You may request a one-time exemption from the Ministry of Labour for Refresher Training. You must be an active member of your JHSC within the last 12 months. This exemption would extend your timeframe for Refresher Training by an additional three years.

We welcome participants who were certified with another CPO-approved provider. To register you into our Refresher course, you will need to provide us with proof of your certification. 

If you were certified under the 1996 standard, you are not required to take refresher training. Of course, we welcome you into our Refresher course if you want to stay current. 

If you would like a copy of our OHSA Reference Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees, let us know. It’s a great resource.

Click here for our current scheduled training sessions.