JHSC Certification Training Part One

Who is eligible?

JHSC Part I training is generic to all workplaces irrespective of their sector.
Everyone takes the same JHSC Part I course.

When are certified members needed?

A workplace that regularly employs 20 or more workers must have at least two certified members; one from management and one chosen by the workers or union. There are special provisions for construction sites, farming, and places where designated substances are present.

What HSPI offers?

We offer three days of interactive online distance learning. Our trainers are well equipped with the right tools and resources you need to become certified.

What will you receive?

JHSC Part I workbook, HPSI's exclusive OHSA Reference Guide, OH&S Act & Regulations pocket book, and a digital copy of a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the training. We send your training records to the MLTSD.