JHSC Certification Training Part Two

Who is eligible?

Participants who have completed JHSC Part I are eligible for JHSC Part II training. The course must be taken within one year of completing the JHSC Part I course.

What will you learn?

  • Review JHSC Part I training, describe how to recognize and assess hazards, find ways to control hazards, and evaluate hazard controls.
  • Using actual workplace scenarios you will practice completing the Hazard Management Tool, prepare an action plan, and make recommendations to the employer on ways to control each hazard.

Next steps

  • After completion of the JHSC Part II course, you are officially a certified member.
  • Once you are part of the Joint Health & Safety Committee, you will play an essential role in your workplace's health & safety.
  • You need to take the JHSC Refresher training within three years of being certified, and every three years thereafter.