Duration: Two Days
Price: $519 plus HST
Group Price(4 or more): $500 plus HST
Instructor: Louise Caicco Tett




The Train-the-Trainer course is a two-day training course specifically designed for those in the workplace who feel competent to provide training to other workers in their area of expertise, however, have never received formal training in adult teaching and learning principles. Throughout the course, the individuals will be taught how to provide effective training as well as have a chance to conduct a mini lesson on their own. This training is essential to ensuring that employees are getting the most out of their in-house trainer. This course can be customized to any workplace application.

Who should take the course?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their teaching skills. We encourage everyone who is involved in some form of training at their workplace to take this course.

This course will give your competent supervisors the knowledge and skills required to sign off your workers on critical equipment.

Learning Objectives

We share our training secrets. The Train-the-Trainer course is designed to give the learner an insight into what goes into planning, preparing, and delivering excellent training programs. You will learn the following:

  • Describe the preparation of the training site and program
  • Recognize the importance of knowing your audience
  • Explain how you will design the training – mini practice
  • Apply adult learning techniques and teaching styles
  • Describe the importance of an assessment
  • Consider health and safety obligations in train-the-trainer sessions
  • Demonstrate your knowledge through a mini lesson
  • Practice evaluation techniques

What topics will be covered?

The training will cover a wide range of topics, but not limited to the following:

  • Training preparation
  • Designing the training
  • Adult teaching techniques
  • Message delivery
  • Assessments and Evaluation techniques
  • OHSA and the legislation
  • Case studies

Course Material

Every participant will receive a Train-the-Trainer workbook which includes all the training slides and tools to conduct an effective training program.

Course Evaluation

This course does not have a graded evaluation. We make it fun and engaging by letting the learner prepare a mini-lesson and conduct a mock training session. Everyone who delivers a short presentation receives a Certificate of Completion.


  • Our Training coordinator and IT team will be available during the training for support throughout the course.
  • You will need a computer and internet connection to attend the training. We recommend the use of a computer or laptop for a better experience.
  • The course will be delivered using Zoom. Use the test link to make sure you can access Zoom on your device.

Please note: Our support is not over once you are done your course. Our learners are free to reach out to us at any time to get input and ideas as they apply their skills in their workplace.