Violence and Harassment


violenceEveryone has the right to expect that their workplace is free from harassment, discrimination, and violence. There is legislation in place that requires employers to complete violence risk assessments, write policies, put programs in place, train workers, and investigate complaints. This is true of provincial legislation (Occupational Health and Safety Act) as well as Federal legislation (Canada Labour Code).

Health & Safety Professionals has been writing policies and delivering training pre-Bill 168. Violence and Harassment programs can be challenging. These are delicate issues because they often compete with other services you deliver. For example, in education, social services, and health care, the individuals you support can also hurt your workers. We believe the solutions are multi-faceted and involve many stakeholders within your organization. We have the skills necessary to help you meet this challenge. No one should have to go to work and expect to be hit, bitten, or yelled at. Let us help you minimize those occurrences.

We offer violence and harassment training as part of our Part II Basic Certification courses. We also offer public and private courses. Let us know what your challenges are, and we can customize the course to suit your needs.